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Since early 2012, our Founder Chris Bennett, has built his company, Chris Bennett Interventions, into a nationally respected intervention and consulting company with teams of professionals based in Southern California and the Washington, DC Metro.

Interventions are all too frequently imagined as conspiratory, confrontational, aggressive, and drama filled with “bottom lines” and “tough love.” Although each family and situation is different, these types of interventions are by no means the rule. They are the exception. Most of Chris Bennett Interventions staff and other top Interventionists alike utilize a family systems approach by utilizing motivational and empowering techniques to support entire families in taking positive steps towards health and wellbeing.

Chris’ firm belief is that the most important decision that surrounds hiring an Interventionist or Consultant is your family’s confidence in their approach, the customization of services to your family, and their work with your family post-intervention.

We only refer to a small group of the highest quality, vetted, integrity-filled, and ethically based Interventionists and Consultants around the country so please let us guide you in the right direction.

Call us at (703) 436-8158 or Contact Us here for a solid referral based on your specific needs.

Additionally, you can check out the Chris Bennett Interventions website here.