Chris Buro Foundation, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) non-profit) was founded in December of 2014 by Lance Murnan (our Director of Operations) and Christopher Bennett (our Founder and Executive Director), two close friends of Chris Buro, an inspirational young man who’s passing created a strong dedication, commitment and passion in the founders for helping others in Chris Buro’s namesake. Our mission is to inspire lasting health and wellness with a strong emphasis on improved mental health. The Foundation envisions a community that recognizes the effects of mental health disorders and supports those who are impacted by them. It aims to help those who cannot help themselves while also making a community impact in the social epidemic of poor health.

Our Commitment is Simple.

  • Donate a certain percentage of profits from Encore Recovery Solutions quarterly into the Foundation;
  • Raise additional funds from inside and outside of the behavioral healthcare industry;
  • Provide volunteer and paid job opportunities to our clients at Encore so they can work towards a greater cause, improve their resumes, add to their skill set, and ultimately find something they feel passionate about in order to help them determine their individual passion towards health and wellness;
  • Change our local communities from within.

Enough people, enough money, and enough resources pooled together can do the following:

  • We will raise awareness of mental health through community based educational and resource events addressing topics such as mental health disorders, addiction, treatment resources, general health and wellness practice, mentoring, mindfulness, and other ways to help improve individuals lives.
  • We will provide access to funding and scholarships for treatment services for individuals and families struggling with mental health. It is the goal of the Foundation to facilitate this program to ultimately further it’s charitable purpose by providing critical services to the public in need at little or no cost to the said individual or individual’s family.

We do not provide scholarships to Encore Recovery Solutions through this fund. We do however have incredible community based and national partners that we do provide funding for treatment with this fund.

For more information on Chris Buro Foundation, please click here.