The disease of addiction and its co-occurring mental health disorders affect every aspect of a person’s life. Effective addiction treatment requires a complete understanding of each person’s experience of addiction and its implications on mental and physical health, family systems, education and work, financial wellbeing, and more. Encore clinicians collaborate with patients, family members, and other care providers to customize treatment plans that address the full spectrum of mental and physical health conditions associated with substance use disorders and their co-occurring mental health conditions. Encore believes that the use of integrated medical care, highly personalized and adaptive care provision and long-term approaches help more people enter and sustain lasting recovery.

Evaluation and Testing

We believe that the initial (and ongoing) evaluation process is one of the most important services Encore Recovery Solutions provides. Too often, treatment is based on a brief snapshot of information that does not take into account different aspects of one’s history (i.e., family, social, medical, developmental, prior treatment, etc.) and the degree to which important life events affect how an individual reacts to and copes with a variety of experiences. This approach typically leads to an overly simplistic understanding of the complex processes that contribute to addiction and a host of co-occurring mental health issues. Subsequently, well-intentioned, evidence-based interventions often fail to address important factors that contribute to illness, which ultimately limits treatment effectiveness and falls short of expectations. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

The comprehensive evaluation process at Encore Recovery Solutions includes the integration and analysis of information from multiple sources: diagnostic interview conducted by a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist; full psychosocial history; ancillary information from friends, family members, and other providers; physical examination by our Medical Director; review of medical and previous treatment records; and data from various standardized questionnaires completed by the client and family members. Our primary goal is to develop the most accurate understanding of our clients and their story.

The evaluation process is ongoing and continues throughout treatment. Clinicians, clients, and families continue to monitor progress along treatment goals and priorities on a daily basis. We collect and track this data to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and adapt the treatment plan when necessary. Many current recovery programs do not consistently monitor the effectiveness of treatment, working hard to execute rigid protocols and modalities that are not working for one reason or another. At Encore Recovery Solutions, we vigilantly assess programming and adapt treatment as needed until we find the right combination of therapies and supports that drive long-term, sustainable healing.

In addition to our standard assessment protocol, some individuals may require testing to gain a more nuanced understanding of their cognitive abilities, personality, and social and emotional functioning. In such cases, comprehensive psychological or neuropsychological testing will be conducted by Encore staff, or an appropriate off-site clinician. For more information on our evaluation and testing, please contact us here, or call (703) 436-8158.[/read]

Individual Therapy

Each client at Encore Recovery Solutions receives individual psychotherapy from a licensed clinician at a masters or doctorate level. Our therapists have expertise in treating a range of issues including – but not limited to – substance use disorders, trauma, grief and loss, attachment, mood and anxiety disorders, and self-harm and suicidality. The frequency of individual sessions varies depending upon needs, ranging from every day to once per week; however, the beginning phase of treatment includes more intensive and frequent individual work in order to develop a tailored treatment plan in an efficient and effective manner. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

At Encore Recovery Solutions, individual therapists are an integral part of a larger interdisciplinary treatment team made up of family and group therapists, a family physician, psychiatrist, holistic practitioners, and specialized skills coaches. The individual therapist meets with all members of the team multiple times per week throughout treatment to better understand our clients and their needs from multiple perspectives; to collaborate on individualized treatment planning; and to monitor progress across therapeutic goals.

Treatment is not a one-size- fits-all approach, and we believe individual psychotherapy provides the foundation of our personalized treatment model. This intimate relationship allows the therapist to not only understand clients’ problems, but also the unique story that explains how they find themselves in their current situation. In contrast to practices that focus on symptoms and addiction as discrete and disconnected issues, our mission is to understand all aspects of the individual, their environment, and their story. For more information on our individual therapy, please contact us here, or call (703) 436-8158. [/read]

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is an essential component of services at Encore Recovery Solutions. Groups can instill hope, provide support and guidance, impart information, develop social skills and interpersonal effectiveness, foster connectivity and a sense of belonging, and correct unhelpful patterns of interacting. Encore has several types of groups with different objectives, including: multiple skills groups designed to increase effective coping with and enhancement of various aspects of life; gender specific groups focused on male and female issues; process oriented groups that allow open discussion focused on a variety of topics; and educational groups that provide information on substance use and other issues related to behavioral health. Determining a specific group program is not a one-size-fits-all approach. At Encore, we will work collaboratively with you to develop the best combination and frequency of groups to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. For more information about our group therapy, please contact us here or call (703) 436-8158.

Family Therapy

Treating the family system and working with significant others is a crucial part of Encore Recovery Solutions’ customized services. Family therapy works with a whole family unit or various relationships within a larger family system. This may include loved ones, such as parents, siblings, spouses, partners, extended family, or close friends. At Encore, we have dedicated licensed family therapists that function as integral members of our interdisciplinary treatment team. The general purpose of family therapy is to improve relationships and the overall functioning of the system. More specifically, at Encore we aim to help families work through challenges by increasing resiliency to more effectively manage issues as they arise. This may include improving emotional connectivity, correcting unhelpful patterns of interactions, learning about mental health and substance use, or developing better methods of supporting one another. For more information on our family therapy, please contact us here, or call (703) 436-8158.

Essential Life Skills Coaching

Effective care requires personalized attention to each aspect of an individual’s life. Our essential life skills coaching is vital to our client’s success. Our specialized coaches evaluate each client’s individual needs and meet with them weekly to address areas of their lives that may be causing stress or stagnation. We partner with our clients, working together to achieve amazing results with a team of specialized, multi-disciplinary professionals. The tabs below expound on our coaching services. For more information on our Coaching Team, click here or call (703) 436-8158.

We recognize that financial health is a key component to recovery, stress management, and well-being. We want to help you acquire a greater understanding of money, and the discipline to achieve your financial goals. We will work one-on-one to address banking, budgeting, debt, credit, saving, investing, and much more.

Individuals that are new to recovery often have legal issues ranging from minor offenses, to domestic issues, to life altering convictions. Our legal coaches ensure that all legal requirements are met in accordance with state, federal or county guidelines, including but not limited to ensuring fines are paid, court dates are met, transportation is coordinated, and community service is completed. They act as a liaison between an attorney, the client, Encore, the family, and the court system.

Young adults in today’s society experience many challenges related to their educational experiences. Whether difficulties began in elementary school or at a prestigious university, a decline or failure in academic achievement can prove to be stressful and potentially debilitating. Many of our clients are motivated to achieve educational success, but would benefit from additional support and resources. Encore’s academic coaches work with our clients, to acquire transcripts, support retro-active withdrawals, complete applications, prepare for interviews, ensure appropriate study habits and test taking skills, and monitor progress.

While some individuals in early recovery have maintained gainful employment and are secure in a chosen career, many have struggled to obtain or retain jobs for various reasons. Encore’s career coaches work with clients to write resumes, complete applications, practice interviewing skills, manage work related stress, and evaluate career plans.

Nutrition is a crucial component to recovery and overall well-being. Encore’s nutritional coaches work collaboratively with our Medical Director, and provide individualized education, skills training (i.e., grocery shopping, food preparation), and meal planning to help clients build and maintain healthy long-term eating habits, as well as a more positive relationship with food. By addressing malnutrition, Encore’s clients become one step closer to true health and wellbeing.

There is a strong positive association between physical health and emotional/behavioral well-being. Our coaches work with each client to personalize a fitness plan, hold each person accountable to their plan, and continually evaluate and support personal health through physical activity.

Our philosophy is to support individuals in the development of skills and behaviors that support life-long health and wellness. Our job isn’t done until a client is ready to live independently and maintain their own support system and healthy routines. This final stage of skill application and maintenance is the culmination of all our efforts together, and it includes the utilization of our entire team of clinicians, coaches, support staff, and leadership.

Holistic Therapies

Encore provides holistic/integrative therapies to help our clients develop and sharpen their ability to remain aware in the present moment, enhance attunement between mind and body, manage stress, and connect with/enhance their own spirituality. The holistic therapies we provide include, but are not limited to: yoga, meditation, and massage therapy. For more information about our holistic therapies, please contact us here or call (703) 436-8158.

Psychiatry and Medical Services

Treatment for substance use disorders often overlooks the important role that physical health plays in the recovery process. Because major health concerns, nutritional deficiencies, sleep disturbances, and many other biologically related issues can have a direct result on how individuals feel and progress in recovery, we are insistent that we have a clear picture of the physiological condition of our patients. With your permission, we will gather historical and current medical information, and our Medical Director will complete a thorough physical examination to ensure that we are addressing any physiological concerns that may be impacting you.[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

The use of medications can be vital in the long-term recovery process, especially when co-occurring mental health disorders are present. Our Medical Director and our Psychiatrist works individually with each of our clients throughout the treatment process to determine what medications are appropriate, and if the current medication protocol needs modification.

Our philosophy is that an appropriate medication regimen functions best as part of a more integrative treatment process.  Additionally, we utilize medication assisted treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders to manage withdrawal symptoms as part of an ambulatory detox process, or in craving management.

For more information on our Psychiatry and Medication Management services, please contact us here or call (703) 436-8158.[/read]