Treating addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions at Encore is grounded in the belief that you are a human being with a variety of individual characteristics, experiences, and circumstances. We work to understand and treat the whole person; offering a variety of therapies that not only heal underlying psychological and emotional issues but also enhance overall wellness so that you can cultivate a life of meaning and purpose.

We are able to customize treatment to meet your unique needs.  Our patients participate in a comprehensive evaluation process, which ultimately guides the program they will follow on their path towards healing and recovery. Initially, the evaluation process includes an extensive interview with one of our clinicians who will work to develop the most accurate understanding of your current issues and pertinent life events.  When appropriate, we will work to collect and integrate information from friends, family members, and other providers. Additionally, you will likely complete one or more questionnaires that offer more objective information about certain symptoms, behaviors, and diagnoses. Because we are focused on evaluating the whole person, our evaluation process includes a thorough physical examination by our Medical Director. Lastly, although we do not see medication as a primary treatment method for most of our patients, you will meet with a psychiatrist to determine if certain medications could be helpful for you and enhance the array of therapies we offer.

The evaluation is an ongoing and collaborative process throughout treatment. Together, we will work to monitor progress towards your goals and priorities on a daily basis. You and your primary clinician will collect and track data to evaluate the effectiveness of therapies and modify your program as necessary. At Encore Recovery Solutions, we vigilantly assess your progress and adapt treatment as needed until we find the right combination of therapies and supports that drive long-term, sustainable healing and growth.

Based on the comprehensive evaluation, each patient at Encore Recovery Solutions receives a combination of individual psychotherapy, family-based treatment, and group therapies that are tailored to address specific issues and goals. Our therapists have expertise in treating a range of issues including – but not limited to – addiction, trauma, grief and loss, attachment, depression and anxiety, and self-harm and suicidality. The precise combination and frequency of therapies varies depending upon needs; however, the beginning phase of treatment includes more intensive and frequent individual work in order to develop a tailored roadmap for care.

Treatment is not a one-size- fits-all approach, and we believe individual psychotherapy provides the foundation of our personalized treatment model. This intimate relationship allows the therapist to not only understand your problems, but also your unique story. At the same time, we take a team approach to your treatment. Your team will likely include individual therapists, family and group therapists, psychiatrists, and specialized skills and holistic coaches. Members of your team meet several times per week throughout treatment to better understand you and your needs from multiple perspectives; to collaborate on individualized treatment planning; and to monitor progress across therapeutic goals. In contrast to practices that focus on symptoms and addiction as discrete and disconnected issues, our mission is to understand all aspects of the individual, their environment, and their story.