Addiction is a family disease. Family, which includes significant others and close friends, is one of the primary pillars of our addiction treatment philosophy because we consider healthy family a cornerstone of long-term recovery and the sustainment of a fulfilling life. We cannot overstate the importance of family involvement in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Effective family therapy contributes to positive outcomes and improves quality of life for everyone that has been affected by an individual’s substance use disorder.

Like all our services, family programming at Encore is designed to be customizable and responsive to your unique family system.  Our family therapists are licensed clinicians that specialize in marriage and family therapy and are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches. In general, Encore’s approach to working with families is based in Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), which aims to teach family members how to interact with their loved ones to support change; however, we will utilize various therapeutic tools to help you achieve your own goals and bolster the recovery of your loved one.

We have designed our family services to meet the needs of family systems whether or not they have a loved one that is receiving services at Encore. We work with families whose loved one may not be motivated to get help at this time, or who may be receiving treatment through other providers. Of course, for those families that have a loved one engaged in services at Encore, our family programming seamlessly complements and supports the therapeutic process of that individual while providing specialized focus for the family system. For more information about our family programming please click here.