Effectively treating addiction and mental health disorders should ensure that individuals have the skills required to lead independent, healthy lives. Developing life skills can improve mental and physical health, help people feel more in control of their situations, and help them better pursue educational and workplace opportunities. Encore clients benefit from working with highly credentialed coaches who assist in developing and sharpening life skills that support healthy, efficient, and successful lives. Our mission is to provide skills training and coaching to mitigate potential relapse triggers, and so our clients can experience self-efficacy.

We assess the skills and abilities of each of our clients to determine the status and potential growth possibilities for each critical area of their lives. This gives us the foundation from which we can customize coaching services for each person. Our Coaches work with each client individually, as much as they require, to achieve the goals they have for their lives. The Encore coaching team consists of professionals holding bachelors, masters, and/or doctoral degrees in their individual area of specialty.

We are equipped to help individuals enhance their lives in the following areas:

  • Making healthier nutritional choices
  • Preparing for and achieving academic success
  • Honing time management and organization skills
  • Applying for a job or returning to an established career
  • Opening a checking account, reviewing a credit report, minimizing debt, and saving and investing for a secure financial future
  • Achieving physical fitness and/or athletic goals
  • Quieting the mind, managing stress, and resolving pain through yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and massage
  • Resolving legal issues ranging from unpaid fines to major criminal charges

Our Coaching Team consists of:

Academic, Vocational, Financial, Nutritional, Physical Fitness, and Legal Coaches.

Our Holistic Practitioners consist of:

Yoga Instructors, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapists.