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3 Key Benefits of Our Partial Hospitalization Program

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Encore Outpatient Services is proud to provide treatment options that appeal to a wide variety of people with different needs, schedules, and availability for intensive programming. If you are seeking a Partial Hospitalization Program in Fairfax County or the surrounding areas, Encore’s PHP is also just a short distance away. It is the most intensive outpatient treatment program that we offer. If you or a loved one has recently completed or is about to complete a residential, inpatient, or detox program, or if a highly structured outpatient program is needed, here are 3 key benefits to know about Encore’s PHP.

1 – Providing a Flexible Yet Intensive Time Commitment

A Partial Hospitalization Program is an intensive and structured program that requires a high level of commitment and time, similar to a full time job.  In a sense, it is a job—in PHP your job is to focus on and prioritize your recovery and learn strategies to maintain a recovery-based lifestyle. If that sounds difficult or stressful, remember that you are never alone in this endeavor. Not only will you have your peers at Encore to share experiences with, but you’ll also have the professional support of our highly experienced staff.

Our programs are designed to be flexible to best serve our patient’s needs and to respect the patient’s time and obligations. While it would be great if everyone could purely focus on their recovery and nothing else, the reality is that there are obligations such as family, medical appointments, and other time-sensitive commitments  that many individuals cannot fully remove themselves from during PHP.

2 – Learning to Reintegrate Through an Integrative Approach to Treatment

A treatment center is not a factory that has a set singular process. It is in the provision of multiple approaches to treatment that true healing can occur. While addiction and substance use disorders present many commonalities amongst people, there are key differences that warrant different approaches to treatment.

For example, some individuals may thrive with one on one therapy while others may find the shared experiences obtained through group treatment to be incredibly valuable. While trauma-informed care is standard, additional modalities such as EMDR or brainspotting may be warranted for some while others may benefit from more support with family systems and dynamics that contribute to their addiction.

3 – PHP’s Offer Affordable High Quality Treatment

Lastly, outpatient treatment centers such as Encore Outpatient Services provide crucial services in the continuum of care and they can be an affordable and cost-effective solution. A patient’s length of care and type of care that is required is determined by ASAM criteria which can provide guidelines for placement, stay, transfer/discharge, and more.

While there are no guarantees and length of care as well as cost of care are highly dependent on the individual, outpatient care is generally more affordable than inpatient care. A great benefit of a PHP is that it can offer a full-time commitment while still remaining flexible for those with other time commitments. 

Seeking a Partial Hospitalization Program in Fairfax County or DC Metro Area?

For those seeking a high quality partial hospitalization program in Fairfax County or in the DC Metro area, consider visiting Encore Outpatient Services at our office in Arlington, VA. Encore provides accessible treatment. Our staff consists of highly trained individuals with years in the addiction treatment and therapeutic space. Nowhere is this more evident than our partial hospitalization program where patients can engage in an outpatient treatment program at a location that is convenient to them. 

Contact Encore Outpatient Services today for more information on our admissions process or if you have any questions about our available programs.

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