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Celebrating High Patient Satisfaction Scores at Encore Outpatient Services

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1st Quarter 23-24 Regional Outpatient Satisfaction

Unparalleled Care and Commitment Reflected in Latest Scores

Encore Outpatient Services has always been dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. The latest patient satisfaction scores for the 1st Quarter of 2023-2024, recently released, are a testament to this commitment. These scores aren’t just numbers; they represent the real experiences and feedback of those who have entrusted us with their care.

Remarkable Achievements in Patient Satisfaction

  • Pre-Admission Contact: The first step in any patient’s journey with us is the admission process. Our team has excelled here, handling contacts compassionately and providing information professionally and helpfully, resulting in an outstanding satisfaction score.
  • Facility Standards: Patients need a clean and suitable facility where they feel safe and welcome. Our facilities have been recognized for meeting, and often exceeding these essential needs.
  • Invested Therapists: The heart of our service lies with our counselors and therapists, who are deeply invested in each patient’s treatment. Their dedication has been highly appreciated by our patients.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraging patients to engage in their local recovery community is a crucial aspect of treatment. Patients have noted the ease of access to essential services like 12-step meetings, sponsors, and alumni support.
  • Availability of Services: Ensuring that services are available when patients need them ensures that our outpatient program meets your busy life. Our commitment has been reflected in the high satisfaction scores and our recent addition of Tuesday night programming.
  • Improvement in Quality of Life: A significant indicator of successful treatment is improving patients’ quality of life. Scores in this area highlight the positive impact our services have on patients.
  • Enhanced Relationships: Since entering treatment, many patients have observed a general improvement in their relationships, a vital component of recovery.
  • Goal Incorporation: Personal goals are a vital part of sustained recovery. Our approach to incorporating these goals into individualized treatment plans has received high praise.
  • Overall Satisfaction: The overall satisfaction with the care and services received has been rated highly, a significant achievement for any provider.

A Promise to Maintain High Standards

The satisfaction of our patients is the ultimate reward for our efforts. We pledge to continue providing the highest quality of care and to keep improving in areas where we can do even better. We remain committed to helping each individual on their journey to recovery, ensuring that their experience with us is not just satisfactory but genuinely transformative.

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